ELENA is a general-purpose, object-oriented, polymorphic language with late binding.

The language features group objects / mixins, message dispatching, ElenaScript, and many others. It is under active development and fun to follow.

Visit ELENA Wiki for the language description.


Latest stable build is ELENA 1.9.24 (I386-Win / I386-Linux)

A latest build is available on sourceforge or github

As usually any bug report is welcomed here


Currently Windows-x86(Win32) and Linux-x86 (early alpha version) platforms are supported.



To install just unzip all the files into a directory you want.

You may need to add a path to BIN folder to system environment (e.g. <app root>\bin). Otherwise you may use setup executable.

To open, compile or debug the programs and libraries use ELENA GUI IDE (<app root>\bin\elide.exe) or ELENA Command Line Compiler (\bin\elc.exe).

In ELENA IDE you may select File-Open-Open Project option and open an appropriate project file (*.prj). Then select Project-Compile option to compile the project and Project-Debug to debug it.


To install just unzip all the files into a directory you want and execute rebuild.script under the superuser.

Alternatively a debian package is available.

To compile the program types :

./bin/elena-lc -c<path to .project file>

Contact Me

Any questions or bug reports may be reported either to one of ELENA forums or directly to Alex Rakov