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Alex Rakov, Apr 2015


ELENA is a general-purpose, object-oriented, polymorphic language with late binding. It promotes more object-oriented program design, reusable and more standardized code.

The language features code mutation, ElenaScript, argument signatures and many others. It is under active development and fun to follow.


ELENA 2.0 Specification
The language description
ELENA 2.0 Notes
This document describes basic language patterns
ELENA 2.x: messages, types, dispatching...
This document describes basic language concepts:messages, types


Latest stable build is ELENA (I386-Win / I386-Linux)

ELENA 1.9.18 is released

We are now on GitHub


ELENA is available from Sourceforge download page

ELENAVM Script tutorials

Introduction to ELENA Script

What's new in 1.9.18

Change list

Code tutorials

Add a variable to a class instance at run-time

Sum of two numbers

Hello World


Currently only Windows-x86(Win32) / Linux-x86 (early alpha version) platform are supported.

Contact Me

Any questions or bug reports may be reported either to one of ELENA forums or directly to Alex Rakov

You may visit the official blog for the additional information and documentations

Copyright (c) Alex Rakov, 2006-2015

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